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so I was just at urban dictionary, and decided to search for T-ara; to my horror, this was the result:
Seriously? Undefined?

so I decided to do both Urban Dictionary and T-ara a favour by adding my definition of T-ara:

(to any sones out there, please don’t kill me, you’ve just wandered into a T-ara fanpage, that’s all; and just to suit the dictionary theme, sone is actually a 2-syllable word, pronounced as “soh-won”  from korean word for wish, 소원)

my definition is still awaiting moderations and won’t come up in search results, so I did some search on the other members:

so if you’re free, do add more interesting definitions for T-ara and the members, and the fans!

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4 thoughts on “definition of T-ara

  1. LOVe that picture for 10 feb!!! where did you get it??? 😀

  2. I just read the definition of SoYeon on Urban Dictionary…

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